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While foldable phones have previously been a luxury item, reserved for people with lots of money or a burning desire for the newest tech, the August launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 suggest they could become a lot more accessible pretty soon.


According to The Korea Herald, combined sales of Samsung’s two new foldable phones have hit a million in South Korea, Samsung’s home country. And there’s a clear winner between the two.

Apparently, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 makes up a startling 70% of those sales – or roughly 700,000 units – while the Z Fold 3 has a relatively modest 300,000 sales. That shows a big preference for the smaller, more affordable device over the super-premium one.

Of course, sales in other regions might vary, as the pricing and availability of the phones in various regions isn’t always identical. However we’d expect the split to be roughly similar, if not the exact same percentages, in different markets around the world.

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